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Meet on Sundays for choir, fellowship and a snack supper from 4:00-6:45 and again on Wednesdays for activities from 6:15-7:30.

Dear Yutes and Yute Parents:

Welcome to the Trinity Youth group! We have a wonderful, active, Jesus-centered youth program and are glad that you are joining us.

Some basic, handy-to-know info about our youth group is below. You may want to save this, to be able to refer to it in the future.


We have a youth email news system that is an excellent way of getting information out to youth and parents. A Trinity Youth Email goes out every week to 10 days. Before a youth event, we get them out more often, as needed. Please send your email address, and that of your child, to to be added to the list.

 We also have the YUTE-line (236-YUTE or 236-9883). This is your source for last minute information on what is happening any Sunday or Wednesday night. We recommend that any “Yute” or Yute parent call the Yute line every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon, for information on what is happening that day.


When the youth are gone on trips, you can get reports on their activities via the YUTE-line, as well as from emails. Messages can also be left for Grant on the YUTE-line or by calling his cell phone (409-SHOT). Information is also published through the Trinity Voice and may be found online on the church website